Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's a Girl!

Sorry it's taken me so long to write about this!
It's been a pretty busy week.

Tuesday was a pretty life-changing day!
First, I had my 20-week ultrasound that revealed that mine and Brad's little fetus is a little GIRL!
Everyone has been rooting for a boy (besides me), so it was nice to have won all the bets. :)
Not that I wouldn't have loved a little boy to dress up in little clip on ties and shiny shoes.
Buuuut, could anyone really imagine me starting out with a boy?!
Plus, it would have been a statistical miracle for me to have a boy, considering the vast majority of girl's in both our families.
Anyway, it was really exciting.
Brad didn't come with me (he stayed at the apartment to watch the kids I nanny since I didn't want to have to take two kids with me), so I texted him the gender and he Facebooked it and the news got out pretty dang fast.
Other than being a girl, she's doing really well.
Getting bigger and bigger everyday.
Although I never felt any of the "flutterings" or "butterfly wings," as everyone kept describing, I sure feel her a lot now!
It's almost like muscle spasms... so weird.
She is definitely trying to make some more room for herself.
You can even feel her move on the outside!
Though very faintly.
Brad was able to feel her a little bit one time and it was really neat.
The second big thing that happened on Tuesday was that I finally talked to the people I nanny for.
For a few weeks now i've been considering quitting my job as a nanny.
It's really been wearing on me, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
At first I thought I could just barrel through it, since the "hard part" of pregnancy was supposed to be over around 16 weeks, but things only got worse symptom wise and it's been really hard for me.
I mean, I would come home from work crying, depressed, physically exhausted...
It was pretty awful.
Unfortunately, I have a hard time expressing my emotions sometimes and just couldn't make myself to the parents about how I can't seem to do it anymore.
Luckily, they were the ones who brought up the subject of me leaving after noticing my rather depressing demeaner everyday.
I had Brad with me during our talk and he was really supportive and helpful and I was finally able to tell them how I feel and that I just can't be their nanny anymore.
They were very understanding and sympathetic.
It was SUCH a relief to get everything out in the open and to know that after this week I no longer have to pretend to have more energy than I actually do.
A lot of people were rather unsupportive of my decision, mostly for financial reasons, but I know this was the right decision, and I think our federal grant money that came at the same time as I was making the decision really helped to solidify my reasoning.
So, that was Tuesday.

Since then, things have just been so much better.
I can finally call our baby a she.
We've decided on a first name, but not a middle name yet.
I can enjoy the last while at work because I know I won't have to keep going back for the next 4 months.
I can go grocery shopping for healthy food! (Thanks US government!)

In fact, because I just feel so much better, i've actually been doing things like cooking!
We've been having a lot more real meals lately due to my improved mood.

Also this past week, we were able to play laser tag with our friends the Ensigns as well as some of their friends as well.
It was LOTS of fun and it took a full 3 days for my leg muscles to recover after all the crouching and shooting the other team, but worth it.
I've also been spending more time with Paul and Ana, which is so fun.
I don't know how I would continue to survive in Rexburg without them.

Well, this post has gotten pretty long, so maybe I should try to just blog more often to avoid these long-winded ones.

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Tyson and Alli said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! That is the best appointment ever. I just love these little babies!