Thursday, March 18, 2010

11 weeks to go!

So, this past week has been pretty rough.
On top of my laptop charger dying out and having limited computer access, the day to day stuff hasn't been so great either.
Saturday night I was taking a shower and my legs almost gave out from under me.
I quickly finished up my shower and had to sit down because my legs were in SO much pain!
I started crying because my left leg just felt like... heavy, swollen, jello.
I don't know how else to explain it.
Anyway, chocking it up to either a sciatic nerve thing or vericose veins, I took some tylenol and went to bed.
My leg was still hurting quite a bit on Sunday morning, so Brad and I both missed church- Me because I couldn't really walk or stand, and Brad so that he could take care of me.
Luckily, my left leg started feeling better later in the afternoon, though still kinda week, so most of the day I was laying in bed.
Monday, I was perfect!
I went out, I did laundry, I ran errands.
I had so much energy and my legs felt 100 times better.
Then I was walking on campus to have lunch with Brad and slipped on a patch of ice, badly hurting my right foot.
For the rest of the day I was limping really badly and every single step was almost excruciating.
So after I got home, it was another day of just laying in bed, trying to de-swell my foot.
It still felt pretty bruised on Tuesday, but it had healed enough for me to get some housework done that had been building up over the previous couple days.
I also had my doctor appointment on Tuesday.
They took my blood t check for diabetes and anemia and other things, which I was negative for both, took a urine culture and checked my tummy size and listened to the heartbeat and all that.
Everything is going along perfectly. :)
Then, I couldn't fall asleep on Tuesday night, so I stayed up, watched some Netflix and our DVD of Hope Floats, and did some Facebook stuff on Brad's laptop.
In the process of staying up and finding things to do, I discovered something that Brad had been less than honest with me about and I spent the rest of the night crying.
Perhaps it's because i'm hormonal or because this happened a few months ago, but I was really upset.
I left a note for Brad about it and then went to sleep, since it was 3:30 in the morning.
He went to work and school and I just spent the day upset and tired and mad and sad and everything.
To cheer myself up, I went shopping and spent more than we can afford, and after I got home, I shut myself up in the bedroom for a few hours.
Brad came in later after I told him I was ready to talk and after an hour and a half of talking and crying and mostly just silence, things felt a lot better.
(In the middle of typing that last sentence, I got morning sickness! Which hadn't happened in almost two weeks. Lame.)
Anyway, we spent the night cuddling and kissing and saying sweet things and everything is ok now.
We both know that mistakes happen and sometimes it's hard to fess up to them when we only want to look perfect in each others eyes.
It's never fun to disappoint your spouse, but the best thing about being married is that we're going to love each other no matter what!
Hopefully today will end up being a good day, apart from being sick a few minutes ago.
It's Brad's birthday and we're going to a new frozen yogurt place in town at lunch.
Unfortunately, he has a lot of school work to do today and will probably spend a majority of today on campus.
Good thing we've already celebrated his birthday, kind of.
A couple weeks ago, Brad found out what his birthday present was, so I let him have it early.
I got him that new Call of Duty game and he has spent almost every free minute of his time playing it!
Sometimes he plays it so long, he falls asleep! Lol.

Last Saturday we decided to go out to dinner for his birthday, and it's a good thing we went then since today is going to be so busy for him!
He chose to go to Da Pineapple Grill, since he liked it so much when we went on Valentines Day.
My brother Paul came with us and we had good food and a good time.
He's 26 today and the only reason i'm sad is because the older he gets, the less time we have in this life to spend together.
Thank goodness for eternity!
Happy birthday, sexy man!

Ok, I just have to show the baby clothes I got at the mall yesterday.
First is this sweet little spring dress that was $30 but I couldn't resist!
I also bought a sweet little white sweater that she can wear with the dress.

I got this onesie because it was on sale and the design on it is so cute!
You can't really see it in this picture, but it's got flowers and a tiny little monkey. :D
These little bubble shorts are from Old Navy.
I saw them and immediately picture her cute little bum wearing them, and suddenly I was forking over my debit card. Haha.
Then, these little pink booties are so soft and delicate and adorable.
Goodness, I cannot wait until she gets here!
I wish I could tell you all her name (even though most of my relief society knows. hehe.) but Brad and I decided to keep it a secret from family and he'll scold me if I tell anymore people. Haha.

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