Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is just a little blurb about the beginning of my own "stockpile."
Being frugal has been a common theme in everything lately, be it TV shows, magazine articles, and even lessons in church.
It's been an especially common theme in our home since we're poor married students expecting a baby.
As a result, i've been stocking up on things for sale and going crazy!
Ok, it hasn't been too crazy yet, but i've got to start somewhere.
First, I started out by making double batches when cooking, freezing extra pizza dough and things like that.
I've also been freezing stale bread and overripe bananas to use later (bread crumbs, banana bread...)
Last week I bought 5 pounds of ground beef.
Definitely not something we could use up quickly when it's just us two, but 3 pounds of it will be going to some homemade meatballs that i'll freeze as well.
Yesterday I bought quite a few things that were WAY cheap and i'll probably be heading back to Albertsons sometime this week to stock up some more.
General Mills Cereal for 1.77 a box, the cheapest i've seen in months.
Chicken thighs, drumsticks, and whole cut up chicken all for .99 a pound!
This price I couldn't believe.
The lowest price is usually around 1.88 a pound, so it was pretty exciting.
Fruit snacks/gushers were $1 a box, and you got a 3.50 off 5 more coupon at checkout.
Those were the biggest sale items that i'll probably go back for.
I also stocked up on some Lean Cuisines (which are SO yummy) for only 1.88 a box, which is the typical low sale price, so it wasn't a great deal, but still a good one.

Anyway, it's just all really exciting, finding bargains and having cupboards full of food, and even having extra things to keep in food storage.
I know I shouldn't be so excited about this, but I am!
Plus, I think Brad is finally staring to understand the "spend more now to save more in the long run" concept. :)

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Stephanie and Hans Petrich said...

Yay for sales! Stacy Sitton gave me a website that's really good for sales and things! you should check it out. it's if you search it on google after you find and click on the site, you can type in our area code and it will tell you where the best sales are. It is a blog too. I know what you mean about teaching them to spend more now to save later... I'm trying to get Hans to understand that too :)