Friday, March 26, 2010

Third Trimester

The days seem to be getting harder and harder.
I kept hoping that since my first trimester was relatively free of any pregnancy symptoms, and then my second trimester was kind of awful, that maybe the third trimester would be a nice an easy one.
But no.
I am so tired during the day!
And then, I'm an insomniac at night and it's driving me nuts.
Hopefully the baby will have her days and nights reversed as well so it'll all work out!
I'm eating more lately and noticing that not all of the calories are going straight to my belly anymore. :(
My legs are a little more jiggly and my face is a little more "full."
Of course, the weight distribution could be a result of my self-diagnosed bed rest.
I say self-diagnosed because I haven't talked to my doctor about the pains in my legs, but the pain is definitely lessened when I spend most of the day laying down.
So that is exactly what I do all day- lie down.
She's been kicking me in ouchy places lately, like my ribs or especially hard in my bladder.
I also think i've been having braxton hicks contractions, and they've been a little painful.
But enough complaining.

Brad and I had our friends the Schneiders over for dinner last night and it was such a good time.
We watched G-Force and ate lasagna and played some card games.
They were the kind of games where you have to slap the pile to get the cards and we were all getting a little crazy!
It was a lot of fun and I hope we can have people over more often.
It really keeps me distracted from my self-pity. Haha.
Speaking of having people over, Brad has his friend Mark over right now and they're playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, so i'm hiding in the bedroom.
Then, in a few minutes actually, i'm off to a Girl's Night in the lounge with some girls from the ward.
Should be fun!

I'll try to get some more recent pictures of my huge, protruding stomach up soon.

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BEN and BRIT said...

Kimmi is pregnant! Where have I been? I just realized you have a blog. Now i'm super excited that I can be up to date on you and your happenings. :) Congrats on the baby!