Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun at Albertsons

I get so excited when I save money.
This week, Albertsons had 3 "Twice the Value" coupons which always sparks TONS of people shopping at Albertsons.
Essentially, they double the value of a manufacturers coupon up to $1.00.
On top of the doubler coupons, Albertsons has a CHILL promotion running (and a Post cereal promo, but I didn't have any Post cereal coupons) where you buy 10 participating frozen food items and get a coupon for $10 off your next order.
Anyway, I'm just going to list what I bought, what coupons I used, and how much I spent and saved on each transaction (I had 3 separate transactions. Thanks for coming with me, Brad!)

Transaction 1
(This was supposed to be 10 of the participating frozen juice concentrates, but they were all gone but for 2! I was so disappointed, because the lack of this first transaction cost me an extra $10 in the end since I wasn't able to get the $10 off coupon from the juices)

The Real Transaction 1
10 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees at 1.88 each
Used 2 $1 off 5 coupons, and doubled each one
Total spent= $15.81 (This should have been only $5.81 if i'd gotten the $10 off coupon from the first one. Stupid juices being gone.)
Total saved= $17.10
Received 1 $10 off your next order coupon

Transaction 2
6 Dreyers Ice Cream at Buy 1 at 6.49, Get 2 free
Used $2 off 2 Dreyers Light Ice Cream Coupon
2 Frozen Juice Concentrates at 1.59 each
1 Ore-Ida Hashbrowns at 2.99
Used $1 off 1 coupon and doubled
1 Ore-Ida Steam and Mash at 4.99
Used $1 off 1 coupon and doubled
1 Bagel Bites at 1.99
Used $1 off 1 coupon and doubled (which made these free)
Used $10 off your next order coupon from previous transaction
Used a $3.50 off your next order coupon that I got a couple weeks ago
Total spent= $6.03
Total saved=$49.25
Received $10 off your next order coupon

Transaction 3
8 Yoplait Yogurts at 2 for $1
Used $1/8 coupon
1 gallon Skim Milk at $1.29
1 package Pepper Jack Cheese at 2.49
1 Culinary Circle Pepperoni Pizza at 4.99
Used $1.50 off 1 in-ad coupon
Used $1 off 1 coupon
2 Hillshire Farms Lunch Meat at 2 for $7
Used $1 off 2 coupon and doubled
2 5lb bags of potatoes, Klondike Rose at 2.99 and Russet at 1.69
Used Buy 1 5lb Klondike Rose, get 1 5lb Russet free coupon
Used $10 off your next order coupon from previous transaction
Total spent= $9.64
Total saved= $24.97

I know everyone isn't really interested in what everything cost and crap, but I just wanted to type it all up as a reminder to myself of my deal-finding abilities. Haha.
I'm still bummed about the juices, because they would have saved me an extra $10 in the end, but oh well.
What do we need 10 frozen juice concentrates for anyway?
Our freezer is jam-packed enough with the 6 things of ice cream we got!
Oh, and here's a picture of the haul.


Jenna Anderson said...

I just started couponing...and it's a lot of work! But it definitely helps! I am totally bummed that all our Albertson's here in Utah became Fresh Market and we can't get as good of deals. BOO.

Anonymous said...

That's a TON of ice cream- Lol. WE can barely get through a carton in a month, and there's four of us trying to eat it!

Sunshine said...

I would totally barf if I had that stuff in my kitchen... but yeah your not in that "movement"

You may save that money now but your looking at a lifetime of health problems if you don't cut some of that processed goop out.

I know you won't listen, and I shouldn't even lecture you (shit I drink AND smoke sometimes, but not often) so I don't have much room to talk. It just aggravates me how it is socially acceptable even encouraged to feed yourself stuff I wouldn't feed a animal.

Watch Food Inc. even Ben and Laura liked it

Kimi Jean said...

Milk? Potatoes? Meat? Cheese? Oh Karli... A lifetime of health problems? Riiiiiiight.
And i've seen Food Inc. It's on Netflix. It didn't scare me off or anything.
Plus, I ate more processed food when I was growing up than I do now and i've never had any kind of health issues. I hardly ever even get sick. I don't have any food allergies, I don't have digestive problems or excessive heartburn or anything. I've always been perfectly healthy (besides my lack of exercise), so I see no reason to change anything about my diet or what I choose to eat.

Alissa said...

I think the Chill promotion ends tomorrow, at least it does here in Oregon. You NEED to go back and get the Jose Ole Burritos and Chimichangas. I insist! They're 10/$10 right now! that means after you get the coupons they're FREE and then you can go back and get some more with your coupon and get another $10 coupon!