Monday, March 8, 2010

A Weekend of Friends

One of the very few things I like about us living in Rexburg for so long is that it's given Brad and I an opportunity to actually make some friends!
Sometimes we can be pretty anti-social and keep to ourselves, but every once in a while we are just in the "hanging out with other people" mood. (Well, I get in those moods anyway.)
On Saturday, we headed over to Lauren and Mark Ensigns place to hang out for a while.
The plan was to tie-dye shirts, but since Brad and I didn't have any plain white ones and we were heading to a ward party at 1, we didn't dye any shirts, but Mark, Lauren, and some of their other friends came over and did shirts.
We brought some pizza and played some Wii and just had a good time, even though we were only there for a little over an hour.
Then we headed to a ward party.
It was like a cookie social where everyone brought cookies and then just sat at tables and socialized.
It was pretty funny because we sat at a round table with two other couples and as people came in, they pushed other round tables next to ours and we all sat in these tables pushed together.
Brad and I finally met our neighbors, the ones that live right next to us, after 2 months (see? we're anti-social. haha) and I was able to get to know another sister in Relief Society that I had only met briefly at the last RS activity.
It was a good time and we all ate way too many cookies.
Sunday, we had some people over at our apartment to play games!
Stephanie and Hans Petrich and Cynthia and Jon Schnieder came over around 7 and we played Phase 10 until after 10!
And we didn't even finish the game! Haha.
Stephanie made some cake-box cookies, which were devoured.
I think i'm pretty cookied out for a while.
It was a lot of fun and I meant to take pictures to post in here, but you all know how forgetful I am lately. :)

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Stephanie and Hans Petrich said...

That was so fun! We need to do that again... So we can actually finish a game :)