Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let the rain fall...

It's been so rainy up here lately, and I LOVE it!
I don't even care that it's so cold, I simply love rain.
Growing up in a rainless desert for my entire life probably contributed to this love, though I seem to hate snow, but there's just something so peaceful and calming about rain.
The other night, Brad wasn't able to come down to Idaho Falls, and Karen and the kids were out, so I was home alone.
It was raining pretty hard outside, and even though it was about 35 degrees outside, I opened up my window, turned off my music and any other noise in the apartment, and just listened.
I love listening to the rain and I can never get enough of it.
Anyway, it's supposed to continue to rain for the next week or so, so i'm pretty excited.

Work is going well.
I still seem to be coming home super sore, and i've been there almost a month now, but hopefully it will go away eventually.
I know it doesn't seem like being a cashier would make you sore or require any kind of physical strain at all, but you haven't been a cashier at Sam's Club.
It's intense. Lol.

January 3rd is fer shiz the wedding date, though the reception is still up in the air.
If we can get married earlier in the morning, we might be able to have the reception that night, but otherwise, Brad and I might just have to fly down to DHS the following weekend for a reception.
I still plan on going down to D-town for Thanksgiving though, so perhaps i'll have an engagement party or something else somewhat traditional like that.

There's really not much else going on.
Brad is amazing as usual.
I'm as cold here in Idaho as usual.

Oh, and Laura, if you're reading this, that last video of Avery was the cutest thing ever.
I miss Jordyn and Avery so much!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks- I'm sad the beginning got cut off because she was bouncing up and down, waving those little hands of hers as she got down from her seat at dinner. Jordyn keeps asking me when she gets to get married with you. She doesn't quite understand that you're getting married and she just gets to be there!