Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lo Siento

I don't like blogging when people are around.
And while Brad isn't just some person, I just like to blog when i'm alone!
And since i've either been at work or with Brad pretty much every second of the day, I haven't been able to blog much.
And with the depression and all, I couldn't find it in me.
But i'm ok now.
Sometimes I just need some time for things to be set in.
And having to comfort someone else usually snaps me out of myself too.
Anyways, I wish I could blog and tell everyone what's going on, but once you blog it, it just seems official.
And since nothing is set in stone right now and still up for change, I won't say anything.

Besides the MAJOR thing going on in my life right now, nothing's really been going on.
Work is going alright.
It's getting harder to go everyday, just because I know I could be spending that time with Brad.
But I really do need the money.
And it gives me something to do while Brad is in classes or whatever.

Money is seriously TIGHT right now.
I'm paying rent to Karen tonight, so there goes 200 of my current 249 dollars.
Then i've got car insurance due TOMORROW.
That's 91 dollars.
And if you can't do math, let me help you.
After rent, i've got 49 buckaroos.
So where i'm getting money for car insurance, I have no idea.
One good thing, my dad FINALLY got the deposit back from where I was going to live in Rexburg before my suspension, and he said I could have it, so once I find time, I can head down to Rexburg and pick up a good hundred bucks.
Which, if I get it tomorrow, I'll have money for insurance!
But then there's the whole 2 speeding tickets thing which I should probably take care of pretty soon.
One's for 232 and the other is for 140.
Then, just to further my monetary complaints, gas.
Luckily gas prices have gone down a bit and I don't really drive anywhere but to work.

I'll stop boring you with my whining.
Prop 8 passed, which is good.
And no, it's not me hating on gays.
it's not even my religious beliefs.
It's the numerous stories of parents whose children in elementary school and below are ebign taught about sex, gay and straight, without any kind of parental consent.
I mean, sure, I don't have children yet, but when I do, I don't want my 5 year old learning about boy and girl sex, let alone boy and boy sex!
That's my job!

Anyways, I think that's about it.
I should head down to Walmart and cash my check.

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