Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, work was SUPER long today!
I know, I only worked for 8 hours, minus half an hour for lunch, but still!
8 hours on your feet or moving and lifting crap while saying over and over again "Hello! How are you doing today? Did you find everything alright? Good!"
Oh well.
It's money!
And thankfully Jesse worked for most of the day, which was good.
Because Brittany and Ashley just don't seem to like me at all.
Wendy was there in the morning too, which was good.
At least half of my supervisors are good.
Also, I had my first "mean" customer today.
He wasn't so much mean as he was a little bit rude and ornery.
Let me explain:
He had two separate transactions.
One for his business and one for himself.
So I rang up the purchases for his business and he slid his card through.
It didn't work.
I asked him very kindly to slide it again, sometimes the cards jsut don't take the first time.
But again, it was denied.
I asked him if he was using a Visa card, and he said yes.
I explained to him that unfortunately, Sams Club doesn't accept Visa charge, only debit.
So he told me that it wasn't a credit card, that it was supposed to take the money right out of his checking account.
So, since this sounds a LOT like debit, I asked him to try and run it as Debit.
Then he tells me that he doesn't have a pin number and that he's never needed a pin number to use the card before.
So he slides the card again and it automatically comes up as credit, which of course, wouldn't work because it was Visa.
So i'm pressing as many buttons as I know and nothing is working.
So I explain to him AGAIN, that without a pin number, the card would run as credit, and we don't accept Visa for credit!
He then says "Do you have a manager I can speak with?" somewhat rudely.
Luckily Jesse was walking by right then, so I called him over.
Both the man and myself explained the situation to Jesse and alas, Jesse said the exact same thing to the man that I had said.
The man proceeds to repeat himself over and over "I use this card all the time. Everywhere. I never needed a pin. Blah blah blah."
So finally he just uses his other freaking card which he did actually have a pin for.
Then I rang up his second set of purchases, apologized again for any inconvenience, and smiled as he walked away because he was finally gone!
Anyways, all in all, I do NOT like rude customers.
So, to everyone out there in blog world, PLEASE be nice to cashiers!
Generally, we know what we are talking about and there really is nothing we can do some some situations.
And if there is something we don't know, we'll call our supervisor over.
You don't need to ask to speak to one.

Anyways, in other news, no work tomorrow!
Imma head down to Utah!
Brad is most likely coming with me, since i know he doesn't like me going anywhere alone, so it should be fun.
It's my cousin's Mission Farewell, and even though I won't be able to stay till Sunday, it should still be fun.
My aunt has a "Girl's Night" tomorrow night, where two of my aunts and my girl cousins, and then my mom and sister, who are driving up, are going to be doing crafts or something, so that should be tons of fun!
And it'll give Brad time to bond with the men in my family.
Then hopefully my mom and I, along with my little sister and probably my Aunt Katherine can go wedding dress shopping on Saturday morning.
I've got to work 1:30-close on Saturday unfortunately, so we'll have to leave pretty early in the day, which kind of stinks.
But oh well.
I've got be back for church on Sunday anyways since i've got a meeting with the Branch President Sunday afternoon.
I would just call in sick to work on Saturday so we wouldn't have to leave until the night, but since I called in sick LAST saturday because of my stinking cold, I can't just do it again.

Also, McDonalds monopoly is over and i'm pretty bummed.
Oh well.
There's always next year!

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Anderson Family said...

WHAT?! you are coming to utah and i have to find out by reading your blog?!?? I had better see you! Give us a call!!!