Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our First Apartment

Well, since I think things have finally been settled and since I stayed up all night cleaning since I couldn't fall asleep, I decided to finally take some pictures of the apartment and put them up.
I already put these up on Facebook, but because you are reading my blog, you get your own personal written commentary!

First we see our couch. I have to say, it is not very comfortable at all, but when Brad and I were shopping at Ross today, we decided to buy some comfy pillows for it, so here they are.

There's the couch without the pillows. One of my favorite areas is in this picture: The DVD bookcase! I love movies! Haha. Anyways, I alphabetized them all, obviously. On top of the case is our still empty photo frame. I just ordered some 5x7 pictures to put in it, so this frame should be full in a couple days! Yay!

I wish the trash bag hadn't been in the picture, but I took these pictures this morning and we didn't take the trash out until after I was done taking pictures and we left for breakfast. Anyways, there's our little table that we never really eat at. Probably because Brad's laptop takes up most of the table and he is ALWAYS on it.

There's our TV with all the guitar hero controllers. Next to our fridge. Not much to say here.

On to the best room of the house, the KITCHEN! It's so stocked in there with pots and pans and dishes, it's ridiculous.

The other side of the kitchen. :)

On in to the bedroom. This is right behind the bedroom door. Since we got the apartment furnished, it came with this huge desk in our room, and it's pretty beat up, but handy. That TV was the one that came with the apartment and was in the living room. Next to it is my amazing Desktop! I love my desktop computer, you have no idea!

Here's our closet. As you can see, all my keds hold a place of honor. :D

This picture is kind of random, because it doesn't really show anything. I just wanted you to get a feel of the whole place. Haha. There's our hamper. My purses. The bookshelf with not very many books on it (the rest are in storage), a barbie, our cake topper, and a couple picture frames.

Our bed. Where the magic happens. Hahahaha.

Here's the sink.There's not much counter space, or drawer space, or ANY space in the bathroom, which kinda stinks, but I try to keep it as uncluttered as possible.

And at the end of the tour is just the shower. It was a little messy and I didn't clean it, so I kept the curtain closed.

Alrighty, the end! Haha. I know, it looks small, and it kind of is in comparison to say, The Ridge, but I like it. It's just the right size for us and plus, I don't really care where we live. As long as i've got a kitchen and my amazing husband, I'm good!

In other news, today was nice.
We got outside some more!
We intended to wake up at 7 and get to Denny's by 8, but instead we woke up at 8:15 and got there by 9:40ish.
In case you weren't aware, Denny's gave a free grand slam to every customer today from 6-2.
It was PACKED. I've never seen so many people at a Denny's.
Luckily, our wait was only maybe 15 minutes, we got seated, told them what drinks we wanted and how we wanted our eggs and soon thereafter we were drinking juice and eating pancakes.
We got out of there around 10:50, and it looked even busier than when we got there, which I wouldn't have been able to imagine.
Anyway, we then headed over to Ross.
I was hoping for a couple new shirts and some new skirts, but apparently NO ONE wears skirts up here (sarcasm much?) and Ross had maybe 6 skirts in stock, all either the wrong size or just plain nasty.
It was a little disappointing, but I did get some new shirts, which I REALLY needed.
We also got those pillows as I mentioned earlier.
Then we went into the mall, no skirts there either (or no skirts under 20 bucks) so we went into Game Stop, bought some new games, and headed out.
We were planning on going to Olive Garden for lunch, but we were still full, so we went into Big Lots, walked around there for a bit, bought some rootbeer and cream soda, and left there.
STILL full, we decided to not go to Olive Garden and just headed home.

And now on to tomorrow:
I'm going to vacuum!
It'll be the first time using our new vacuum, so i'm pretty excited.
I'm also excited to suck up all the salt by the front door.
Stupid snow and ice.

Alright, that's the end of my long blog!
And now YOU should blog.
Seriously, whoever you are, if you had enough time to read my blog about some couch pillows, you should have time to blog too!


Current said...

Well I do have a blog.... but you may find out more about me then you want too? I have had one for 9 years.

Anyways I need your addy but I will get it from mom, looking at your apartment I have decided to get you a behind the toilet cubboard, it fits right against the back ot the toilet so you can have shelfs JUST what you need!

Katrina said...

I think its funny how you say you didn't find any skirts under $20 so you went to gamestop and bought games... you might go around naked but at least you can beat all the levels on guiter hero. What are you, a man? Anyway, glad you put up some pics, hope you're having fun being married.