Sunday, February 22, 2009

95 to 154

So, the last couple of days have been fun.
On Thursday, Brad and I decided to go bowling.
We got over to Teton Lanes, only to find that Thursday night is league night and there would be no open lanes until 9:15, and since we were there a little after 7, we took bowling off of our Thursday night dinner plate.
Instead, we went over to Kmart, bought some ice cube trays and laundry detergent and Doritos.
We also decided to stop by Arctic Circle and pick up work applications, as well as oreo shakes.
We still haven't filled out and turned in the applications, so hopefully we'll do that tomorrow.
Friday, we DID actually go bowling.
I hadn't been in so long, so it was fun!
We played three games, of which Brad won two, of course.
The first game, however, I will hold over his head forever!
I scored a 154 (not bad for a wimpy white girl who never goes bowling, right?) and Brad got a 95!!
It was amazing.
I don't remember the scores from our second game, but I know I did super lousy (somewhere around 60?) and Brad got 90 I think.
Not a good game for either of us.
The third game was probably the most realistic.
It takes Brad a while to warm up, and I usually have a great first game, horrible second game, and average third game.
Anyway, I got 121 and he got 129.
He pretty much always beats me at bowling, so it was nice to seriously kick his butt for once.
Saturday we had planned on going to a flea market that was being held in the MC, but I wasn't feeling very well and fell asleep on the couch.
Oh well.
We spent most of saturday eating junk food and watching the rest of season 1 of Jericho.
That show rocks, so you should watch it.
Today, we've got our home teachers coming around 6, we'll be making banana bread because our bananas are finally brown enough, We'll probably watch all of season 2 of Jericho (it's only 7 episodes), Michael is apparently staying the night here, so he should be here around 7, and I think we might have pasta and meatballs for dinner.
Today should be good.
Well, I've got to start getting ready for church now, and maybe get some food in me.

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