Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Walmart State

Well, we're headed off to Utah today.
Gonna stop in IF first, go to where I used to live and pick up my last paycheck that Sams Club mailed to my old address rather than the new one I gave them when they called.
Oh well.
Then we're going to finally go to Olive Garden for lunch!
I've really been missing their breadsticks.
We'll probably drive to Jenna's and hang out there for a bit. I'm not sure when Brad's dad and sister will be there, so I don't know if we can stay at Jenna's tonight, or if i'll need to call up my aunt and see if we can stay there tonight.
Well, we'll see.
Should be a nice little weekend away from the apartment that we rarely leave.
Tomorrow my cousin is getting married, so that's pretty exciting!
We're the same age, got engaged around the same time and got married around the same time!
Pretty crazy.
We'll probably head back up here on Saturday or Sunday morning.
I don't know.
We never really make plans in advance.
And now Brad is going to play a video game right in front of me, so that's my cue to leave.

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Jeni Dominga said...

i miss you. reading this blog only makes that worse.