Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pot Roast, Cannery, Cleaning, Sealings...

Well, the past week has been alright.
Valentines Day is not even worth mentioning.
Sunday was nice though.
Brad and I sang in the ward choir for ward conference, and we sounded really good.
We sang an arrangement of "I Stand All Amazed" which is my favorite hymn EVER, so that was a plus.
It was also our last class of Family History, since it's only a 4-week class, so I guess next Sunday we'll just go to gospel doctrine or try and get into Family and Marriage Relations or something.
I really enjoyed learning more about family history and doing some of the work, which I NEVER thought I would enjoy.
Then Sunday night, my brother Paul invited us over to have Pot Roast for dinner.
It was pretty good (nice to have something that wasn't mac and cheese or something burnt, stupid oven, for a change.)
We watched a little TV and then my brother just fell asleep, so we left around 8:30.
Monday was pretty slow-going, as most days are, but it wasn't too bad.
We finished playing Eragon on the XBOX 360.
For FHE we decided to do Family History, so I got onto my mom's account and found SO many names on my dad's side, it was insane!
Brad was complaining that he didn't have anything to do because his mom had already done so much and to get anything more, he would need to travel to a different country.
However, he did end up finding some new names, so that was pretty exciting.
We also signed up for Netflix on Monday, which is probably money we shouldn't be spending since it's not a necessity, but Brad and I watch so many movies, that the downloaded crappy copies are getting old, and going to Redbox all the time is just too much work for lazy people like us, so Netflix was a good solution.
Because with Netflix, you can watch movies and TV shows online, we started to watch a show we hadn't seen before, so we chose Jericho.
We watched the first two episodes Monday night, and it's pretty good so far.
Yesterday was pretty eventful.
I played Guitar Hero (yes, I played Guitar Hero, by myself, of my own free will) for a little while.
Then we got ready to go to the cannery in Idaho Falls.
There, we worked on labeling cans and then bouring broth into the ones being made.
The cannery has been doing chicken noodle soup for the last couple weeks, so the place really smelled of it.
Not the best idea for Brad and I to not have eaten before going, because we were starving and pouring Broth was making it worse.
At one point, my stomach hurt so bad I felt like vomiting and passing out!
Though i'm sure the steam coming from the cans wasn't helping that either.
After the cannery, we drove back to Rexburg and decided to go to Craigos, since they had a special going where the dinner buffet was only 3.99 and drinks for only .59.
However, we got to the parking lot, and theree was a line going out the door, it was insane.
So instead, we went to Sonic and just ate there.
Afterwards, we waited at home for about an hour and a half before leaving for the temple to do cleaning.
Our "leader" guy was kind of an oddball, but overall, cleaning was enjoyable.
For the majority of the time, Brad and I were the dusters together.
We went around and dusted EVERYTHING.
After we were finished, Brad got sent off to clean the excess baking soda out of the bathrooms? and I got stuck with some abrasive cleaner and a toothbrush, cleaning out the dirt from the metal things in the elevators.
Today, we're doing sealings at 4, so it's back to the temple we go!
I should really invest in buying my own temple clothes.

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