Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to the [PA]st.

Well, it's been pretty nice out here in Pennsylvania so far.
Brad drove me around town a bit yesterday.
We went past all the old houses he used to live in, he showed me where the high school was and where the McD's he worked at was.
He also showed me a Sheetz, which is apparently a very popular hangout in Brookville (it's a gas station. Yes. A gas station.)
We went inside and got some sodas and gum.
Then we drove out of town for a bit.
Past the bowling alley, the drive-in movies, the country club where he golfed and his sister's waitressed.
Then we were going to stop at his friend Jesse's house in Strattanville, but he wasn't home from work yet, so we drove on to Clarion and briefly saw the college and the dorms where he lived for a while.
Then we drove back to Jesse's because he was home and we played video games for a couple hours.
Afterwards, we picked up his mom from work, came back to their house, and ate leftover lasagna for dinner.
Today, we went through a bunch of Brad's old things that had been in boxes in his mom's garage.
There were a LOT of baseball cards and Star Wars related items.
It was nice to take a little trip along Brad's memory lane.
Later, after his mom made us some dinner, we hung out for a bit, then decided to take a drive.
Originally, I wanted to go on a walk since the weather was SO nice and it's freaking beautiful out here, but as it got later, and darker, and colder, I changed my mind.
Anyway, we just drove for a little bit, he showed me a few more places around town.
Then we stopped at the TA, the truck stop, and got some milkshakes at the restaurant.
My chocolate shake was so yummy, I think I could drink one everyday for the rest of my life!
It wasn't super amazing or anything, it just tasted exactly like the homemade milkshakes I make, and what is better than something that tastes homemade right?
Ok, enough about the milkshake.
Tomorrow is our open house and a zillion other things!
Brad made plans for us to go out to lunch at Angelos (I think that's the name) with Bary and his wife.
He's also got plans for us to go out to his family's camp.
And I want to get up early and have breakfast on the porch or something.
And we want to help his mom out with whatever might need to get done for the open house.
I guess we'll just go with the flow and see what plans we actually accomplish.
It's strange that it's already the end of the week.
I feel like we've barely even been here.
I guess we do have 5 more days.
I haven't really told Brad the extent of how I feel about this yet, but I think I am completely in love with Brookville.
Not just this town, but this whole area.
There are trees EVERYWHERE, it's just gorgeous!
It's a small town, which is how I grew up, how I live now in Rexburg, and how I always want to live!
The weather isn't even too bad right now, though i'm sure it's gets colder but considering it's probably in the negatives in Idaho right now, and it was in the 60's here today really makes me lean towards eastern living.
The shops are all little local businesses that close early, the streets are narrow, the houses are all two stories, people have known each other for years...
It's almost like going back to when I was 8 or 9, asking me where I wanted to live when I grew up and started a family, then taking that picture out of my head and plopping down in eastern PA.
And here we are.
Brad kept telling me he was going to try so hard to convince me that I would like it here enough to move here.
He really didn't have to try very hard.

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Tyson and Alli said...

Fun trip!! We need a vacation. It sounds like you're enjoying married life! So fun!