Saturday, March 14, 2009

Too Cold Again

It's been nice to be back home again.
As much as we enjoyed our little vacation, there's nothing like drooling on your own pillowcase and peeing with the door open.
Anyway, I went to Sam's Club with my brother Paul this morning to pick up some food.
Since we were gone for almost two weeks, whatever we had left pretty much went bad, so I got some bread and milk and basic things like that.
While I was out, Brad went to a gillion different places to find me some pink carnations. :)
I got home and they were so cute sitting on the counter with a little card in front for me.
My husband's so wonderful sometimes.
That's pretty much all we did today though.
I think we're on our fourth movie for the day right now.
Maybe fifth?
I know many people think we're lazy and boring, but we're pretty happy with our lives.
I think that if two people can sit around and do absolutely nothing all day, and still be beyond happy, then that's real love. :D

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