Tuesday, March 3, 2009

William Penn?

Well, we're here in Brookville, Pennsylvania.
After staying the night at Jenna's last night, we woke up around 5:30ish and Brad's dad (who was staying with Jenna and Travis for a few days) gave us a ride to the SLC airport.
After a long 6 hours, including a stop in Minneapolis and some Sbarro pizza that made me feel sick, we touched down in Pittsburgh.
Brad's mom picked us up and we headed straight to his grandmother's house.
We ate dinner there with her, as well as Brad's uncle (Greg?), his cousin Alex, and Alex's little baby boy.
We ate for a bit and then just visited for a while.
Later, we took off and stopped by the Verizon Store to say hello to Brad's other cousin, Andrew really quick.
Then we picked up Brad's sister Alyce from her bf's house and headed to their home.
Which, obviously, is where we are now.
I'm pretty excited for the week.
Hopefully Brad doesn't play computer games the whole time and leave me to do nothing.
I guess he already has a few things in mind for us to do though, so thank goodness for that.
On Saturday, Brad's mom is holding an open house for us!
One of Brad's best friends, Bary, and his family, will be coming down for the open house too, so that should be fun.
I also heard that Brad might have to bear his testimony in his home ward on Sunday.
I was asked to give the closing prayer in church this last Sunday, so he needs some pulpit blessings too.

Anyway, i'm sure I could write more, but i'm so tired I can hardly think.
I'll try and remember to update as the week progresses.

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