Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brad's Birthday

Today was Brad's 25th birthday.
It was actually a pretty normal day, but since Brad is still in denial over turning 25, I figured he wouldn't want a big celebration.
I bought him a black Nintendo DS, so that we could play games together since I have a pink one.
It hasn't come in the mail yet, but he guessed what his gift was yesterday, so I gave him a new game for it today that actually DID come in the mail in time.
He seems pretty anxious for it to arrive, and i'm pretty excited that we'll be able to better play games together, rather than him playing Fable II on the Xbox and me playing Mario Kart on my DS.
We slept in, ate some food, and pretty much just chilled until we left for the temple at 6.
We had signed up to do sealings.
Well, unfortunately, it wasn't quite the wonderful experience it usually is for me.
As we were kneeling, I started to feel dizzy.
My stomach was hurting and I felt like I hadn't eaten in days (even though we atre two hours beforehand)!
Soon, my eyesight started to blur and there was a ringing in my head.
As my eyes went more and more black, I started to hear less and less.
Soon, my eyes were completely open, and all I could see was blackness.
I was starting to get really scared, but decided to stick it out, since we were amost done with our list of names.
However, both Brad and the sealer noticed that something was wrong, so they had me stand up and go sit down for a bit and put my head down.
When I stood up, I was so dizzy, I could barely hold myself up.
I had to lean on Brad because I was just shaking so bad.
I sat down and put my head down and my head started to ease up and I could actually see and hear again, thank goodness!
Now, some of you know i'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so my first thoughts were that I had something wrong with me, a brain tumor, something that was causing me to go blind and deaf!
After I could see again, Brad took me out of the room and I sat on a bench outside the sealing room.
One of the sisters that were in the sealing with us, Kristen, that I visit teach, came out and offered to get me some graham crackers out of her bag to see if that would help.
After she left to get them for me, a plethora of sisters came to see if I was alright and brought me some saltines and a can of apple juice.
Kristen came back upstairs with more older sisters and more apple juice and saltines.
They were being so nice and helpful and i'm so grateful i had all these wonderful people trying to help me out.
After I ate a couple crackers and drank some juice, my shaking stopped a little bit.
Some of the sisters kept talking about how pale I looked, and I looked down at my hands, and sure enough they were ghostly!
Brad told me that that was the first thing he noticed that was wrong, was that my eyelids and lips had turned a different color and my skin was really white.
Later, one of the brethern came and told me not to be worried, because in fact, this happened at least once a week to people.
Apparently there's something that happens when we kneel for too long that can cut off circulation and make you dizzy.
Funny thing is, i'd felt dizzy before during sealings, but it had never been that bad before.
I started to feel better and noticed that the color in my hands had seemed to return, so I told Brad I was ready to go back into the sealing room.
I sat for the rest of the time because I knew I wouldn't be able to kneel anymore.
After we were all done, I was still a bit wobbly on my feet and had to hold onto Brad for dear life it seemed like, but after an hour or so, I felt all better.
I guess I just have a problem kneeling for more than a minute or two at a time. :/

(I know that for those of you who aren't LDS probably don't understand a lot of this, but just imagine kneeling down to pray for like, 5 minutes. )

After the temple, Brad and I drove over to Hard Hat for dinner.
We'd been to most of the other restarurants, so even though Brad doesn't particularly like Hard Hat, he knew i'd never been there, so off we went.
We both got salads, which is super unsual for Brad.
Mine was super yummy.
I've realized lately that I really like hot wing salads.
Brad got a chicken ceaser salad and wasn't impressed.
Probably because he doesn't like chicken.
Oh well.
It's nice to just go somewhere and sit and talk for a bit with no TV and no video games.

After we got home, we took a nap for about two hours, and now we're on our laptops, playing games, and watching the TV periodically.

All in all, an interesting day.
I just really wish Brad's present had arrived in the mail on time. :/


Brad said...

I love you =)

Anderson Family said...

Kim!! Over the summer we were doing sealings in the Rexburg temple and this girl in our group passed out! SO then Travis and I were having a turn and i didn't feel so well either. The sealer even stopped and asked me, "are you okay" and I made it through, but I was HOT and dizzy as well. Sometimes I think they just keep it too warm in there. But I know what you are talking about, a bit scary. We LOVE hard hat! Mostly the scones :) MMMMMM I think I need to come to Rexburg and eat at all my favorite places! Also, Isabelle is sitting here with me and she saw the pic at the top of your blog and was like, "My Kim" and she just keeps asking to "see kim" Oh my gosh it is CUTE! Sorry about my comment turning into a book. Can't wait until you guys come down to see the house and so Izzy can "see kim" :)