Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Brad and I have actually talked to other people in the last couple days!
It's nice sometimes to re-introduce ourselves into the real world.
We had our home teacher, Mark, come by on Sunday and after we talked for a bit, I told him that him and his wife should play some games with us, since Brad and I are always playing board games and card games by ourselves.
He said he would like to and said that him and his wife would come by the next night to play!
Also on Sunday, I got a call from the Compassionate Service Leader in the relief society telling me that one of the sisters, Aileen, needed a babysitter for Monday, so I joyfully accepted!
The next morning, I picked up little Matthew and he stayed with us until around 1, when his mother called and said I could bring him home and she would put him down for a nap.
He got pretty fussy when I was trying to get him ready to leave.
Probably because he was having such fun playing video games and playing on our laptops.
For a two-year old, that boy sure is technologically advanced!
After I dropped him off, I picked up our laundry from the laundry room and then hung out with Brad for a little bit.
Then I started to make some dinner.
I put some chicken in the fridge to brine, let some rolls start to rise, and pout some jello in the fridge in some cute dessert glasses.
I wanted to put some strawberries and whipped cream in with the jello, but we didn't have whipped cream, so off to the store I went.
After picking up the whipped cream, along with some basics like milk, eggs, cheese, and spaghettios, I headed home.
Brad had starting to bake the rolls for me which was sweet of him (even if he did forget to turn the oven on), and I took the chicken out and just put some cream of chicken and ortega chiles on top of it and stuck in the oven.
While all of this was happening, our guests showed up bearing cookies, so we played some card games and some board games for a while and had lots of fun, even though I didn't win a single game.
The chicken finished cooking while we were playing "Sorry" so I made plates for Brad and I and we ate while we played.
After we were done playing all the games, Brad and I took the Jello glasses out of the fridge, then cut up some strawberries, threw em in, and topped them with whipped cream.
They were super yummy and I wish I could eat one every day!
Today wasn't quite as eventful, but I did go visiting teaching, so at least I got to go out for a bit!

You know, maybe I will make some more jello right now.

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