Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home again (almost).

Well, our trip out east is just about over.
We're in Utah today, but should be home in Idaho tonight.

We started out last Monday.
We left early in the morning and drove out to Jenna and Travis's to stay the night before we left on Tuesday morning.
Brad's dad was there, and he gave us the ride to the airport.
We got our tickets, got through security, and sat at the gate to wait for our flight.
Now, I have to mention this because it relates to something that happens at the end of our trip: When we checked in and got our tickets, it was from one of those electric ticket things.
On the screen, it said that we would be called up at the gate to receive our seat assignments, even though we had chosen seats already when we bought the tickets online.
I looked at our boarding passes, and where it should have said our seat numbers, it said "At Gate."
I repeatedly told Brad that we needed to go up to the counter and ask an agent about our seat, and he just kept telling me that we'd already chosen our seats, blah blah blah.
So, we start boarding.
We get on the plane, make our way towards where our seats should have been, and what do you know, there were people sitting in them.
We continued to walk towards the back of the plane, since there was a line of people behind us.
We didn't really know what we were going to do.
So, we're standing at the back, there's tons of people in the aisle trying to get to their seats, and over the intercom we hear our names and a request for us to go to the front.
We shuffle though all these people, just to go to the flight attendant and get out seat assignments.
Just to reiterate, Brad was stubborn, and I was right.
Ok, on to the rest of our trips.
The flights were just fine, Brad slept a little bit, we played Monopoly Deal, etc...
I already blogged a little bit about the first couple days, so i'll continue from there.
We had our open house on Saturday.
It was really nice to meet so many people that Brad knew growing up.
Afterwards, his cousin and uncle came over to visit for a little while, but we were so tired, we pretty much fell asleep, at least I did.
We stayed up the entire night before, just to see if we could I suppose, so we were pretty exhausted all Saturday.
Earlier in the day, we went out to eat at Angelo's in town with Brad's friend Jesse, Bary, and his wife Vicki.
After that, me, Brad, Bary, Vicki, and Brad's grandparents all drove out to their camp.
We looked around for a bit, then took a rifle, walked down to the pond, and took turns trying to shoot sticks on the ground.
After we were out of bullets, we went back up to the cabin, got some more bullets, then grabbed a couple broken bb guns and shot at some random things.
Sunday we woke up early to go to church.
It's a nice little branch and all the old ladies in relief society kept telling me stories about Brad when he was little.
We also had to bear our testimonies, which wasn't so much fun for me, but oh well.
After church, we took a short nap and I don't remember much else happening on Sunday.
Monday, Brad's mom had asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her in DuBois, so I made Brad go with us rather than sit in the house and not go out at all during the day.
We went to the mall and walked around for a bit.
Debbie bought me some things at Bath and Body Works, which was super nice of her, and then she got a life-size cardboard stand-up thing of Edward Cullen to give to Alyce.
It was amazing! Haha.
After, we went to the Roadside Creamery and got some ice cream cones, then headed home.
Alyce and Debbie set up Edward, while Brad started playing with an electric helicopter he had purchased at Ross.
We spent the remainder of the day zooming the helicopter around the house.
Tuesday, Brad drove his mom to work in the morning, and after I slept for a while longer, we got ready to leave.
Brad rove us out to the log home they had lived in for a period of time, and just pointed out a few more places in and outside of town.
We also stopped by Debbie's work and got some ice cream from the soda fountain there.
He got a sundae, and I got a milkshake of course.
I'm not sure if we did anything else for the rest of the day.
I just remember watching "Australia" and playing games on our laptops.
Tuesday night, we also started to pack.
We did all of our laundry and got everything packed away.
Of course, we didn't go to sleep until 4 am, and woke up at 8.
I think the 2 hour time difference, plus daylight-savings on top of that, really messed up our sleep schedules.
Anyway, we got up in the morning, took showers, and said goodbye to the house.
We drove out with his mom to Hermitage and visited with Brad's grandma for a bit, and then headed into Sharon to go Kraynaks and see this little Easter exhibit, then went to Daffins candy where Debbie did some Easter shopping, and then we went by Reyers, which is apparently the Largest Shoe Store in the world.
Then, we met up with Andrew, Brad's cousin, at Quaker Steak and had some wings for lunch.
After that was all said and done, we went back to his grandma's and played Wii with his cousin until around 3:30 when we set out for Pittsburgh.
His mom dropped us off at the airport and this is where things get good again.
We checked in at the electronic counter again, but this time, we DID have seat assignments.
We were there pretty early and had almost an hour and a half to kill, so we walked through some of the stores until our shoulders hurt from our heavy bags.
We went and sat at our gate for a while and got on our laptops since the internet was free.
Pretty soon, we heard an announcement over the intercom that the flight was oversold and that they needed three people to volunteer to take a later flight.
The volunteers would get 300 dollar ticket vouchers and even hotel accommodations of the next flight wasn't until morning.
I tried to convince Brad that we should do it, since we didn't have immediate plans to get back and no one else was volunteering, but once again his stubbornness came into play and he said it was too much of a hassle to have to take a later flight.
So finally, after they made the announcement again and were sounding very desperate, I got up and went to the counter myself.
I asked them when the next flight to Salt Lake would be, they told me there was one boarding right then and would arrive at 11:21, which is only 10 minutes before our other flight would have arrived, that there was a stop in Denver, and that it was on United.
They asked me if I wanted to do it, I went and told Brad, and then told them we would.
Sounding VERY grateful, they handed us our ticket vouchers, our new boarding passes, and we fast walked to the adjacent terminal and boarded our flight.
Everything went without a hitch and the only problem I guess is that our checked bag didn't get into SLC until about half an hour after we did, but that was it.
See how this relates to earlier?
Anyway, I love my husband, even if he is stubborn sometimes.
Well, we got our car, drove out to Jenna's, and we stayed the night here.
We'll probably leave sometime later in the day, though i'm not sure when.

All in all, it was a really nice week and we were both sad to leave.Brad spent the whole time trying to convince me that I liked it there and that I wanted to move there, but he really didn't have to try.
The atmosphere of the small town is absolutely perfect, and it didn't hurt that it rained a whole bunch while we were there!
I think when the rain came, I was sold.
I'm sure we'll probably use our ticket vouchers to head back east again.
Sadly, I didn't take very many pictures.
I know, unusual for me, but I just kept forgetting my camera!
I did take a few though, and i'll post them on my Facebook later in the day probably.


Laura Long said...

Your plane probably got swapped to a different kind of aircraft on the first flight- that would account for why your seat assignments got all swapped around. It happens all the time- and you should NEVER board a flight without seat assignments on your boarding card, you could have totally been separated on the flight, or worse, bumped all together. I've had to do it a million times because of plane swaps. Great job convincing Brad to take a different flight- even if they make you stay the night they usually put you up in a hotel- and you have vouchers to go somewhere super fun! I used to hope Ben and I would get on an oversold flight(as paying passengers) and be able to volunteer like that.

Katrina said...

Don't be too hard on Brad- you have the inside track about all things airplane related because of Laura. He just should trust you more. I think you should use your vouchers to go to Hawaii- I heard flights are super cheap right now.