Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fly like an Eagle!

Today, Brad and I had the privilege of attending an Eagle Court of Honor out in Edgewood, NM.
Some old family friends of mine from back in California live out here, and their oldest son, Justin, was getting his Eagle Scout, so I was invited!
I'd never been to one before, so it was pretty neat.
It was also so fun to see the Delora family again after so long!
They moved from Cali years ago, and the last time I even saw them was 2005!
I'm sad I didn't get a picture of the whole family, but I managed to snap a couple shots at the end of me with two of the Delora kids.

Lindsey Delora and me
Lindsey and Justin, and some random Eagle scout in the background
Me and Justin

It's so weird to me how grown up they all are!
I remember watching Telletubbies in the mornings with them when my mom would drop us off at their house before school.
Although I hated Telletubbies, just for the record.

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