Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Idaho and Califonia

 So on July 22nd, my brother graduated from BYU Idaho! It was pretty awesome because most of my family was able to attend. (I have no pictures of this trip because I forgot to put our SD card back in the camera before we left. Sad.) My parents drove up from So-Cal, as did my sister Katrina and her boyfriend Myke. They were able to stay with us before they drove up there as well, which was nice. I rarely ever get to see Katrina anymore, so I loved spending some more time with my sister and getting to know Myke as well.
Laura and her husband Ben and their three little girls also drove up from Nor-Cal. Marci was already up there since she goes to school at BYUI as well, and then Brad and I drove up with Katie. We were all able to attend the graduation ceremony and convocation and then Texts Roadhouse for dinner. Yum!
That night, Brad stayed with Paul and Katie and I stayed with Marci. We had planned on camping Friday night and Saturday night, but after the graduation and dinner, it was way too late and dark to set up our campsite. Saturday, Brad, Katie, and I went to the new aquatic center in Rexburg, Rexburg Rapids! It was pretty fun, though it got SUPER crowded. I'm glad to know it's doing so well though! One of my best friends, Daryn, is the manager of it all, so it's great for her.
After the waterpark, we set up our campsite and stayed for the rest of the day and night. My friend Lauren was able to come out and give us a TON of dead tree branches to burn which was awesome! Thanks Lauren! We had hotdogs over the fire for dinner, with chips and water and random snacks. Daryn came out later that night and chatted with us for a bit. Then we slept. It was a little chilly, and difficult to sleep wit the most squirmy baby in the world wedged between the hubs and myself, but not too bad. Sunday, Daryn let us shower and get cleaned up at her apartment and then we headed back down to Utah.
My sister Laura and her girls stopped in Utah for a few days as well, so we spent Sunday night having dinner with them at my aunt Kathryn's house. Monday was a little uneventful, but then Tuesday morning, Laura picked up Katie and myself to road trip it down to my parent's house in Cali. Katie and I didn't do much while we were down there, but we did go with Laura, the girls, my mom, and Katrina to Oak Glen to do some berry picking. We got a pretty good haul and snacked on strawberries throughout, and then got home and make raspberry tarts and raspberry sauce to top a cheesecake my parents had in the fridge.
Katie and I flew home yesterday and it's been so nice to sleep in my own bed again! Without Katie! Lol. (Katie slept with me on a twin bed at my parent's house for the whole week.)
I don't really have any cool pictures, and Katie didn't go berry-picking with us (my dad wanted us to leave her behind so he could watch her, and we also would have needed to take two separate cars if Katie had gone) so i'll just share a couple cute pics I snapped over the week. Here they are in no particular order:

I was able to spend a ton of time with one of my besties, Nicole. One night we were at WalMart looking for Nail polish and this is what the floor looked like in front of the nail polish! Crazy!
 Jordyn and Katie on the car ride down.
 Katie found some sunglasses at my paren'ts house (probably her cousin Zara's) and they were SO CUTE on her!
 Haha!!! That's my little diva.
 Of course Peyton and Avery wanted pictures with the glasses on.
 These girls are too cute! love my nieces!
 Katie discovered that she could climb into the toilet. So gross, but so funny.
 She was immediately put into the tub after this.

 Driving down to cali. This is pretty representative of how Katie and Peyton interacted the whole week. Haha!

Well, there you have it!

The next month has quite a bit in store for Brad and I, so be on the lookout for blog posts. We've got Paragliding, Seven Peaks Provo, and an Alaskan Cruise coming up!

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