Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meal Plan For My Last Week!

Woo! It's the last week of the pantry challenge!
While I didn't quite make it under $100, I know that I spent SUBSTANTIALLY less on groceries this month and that makes me feel great!
Also as a result, Brad and Katie and I all have dinner, at the dinner table, together, every night, and it has been wonderful! No more slurping down our food in front of the TV! With more meals that I actually put effort into, it's so much easier to appreciate the food.
It's also been nice to open the pantry or fridge and see it emptier than normal! I know that sounds like I would be sad to see an empty fridge, but I'm not. I love knowing that we are actually using what we have and not being quite so wasteful anymore. I no longer look in the cupboard, packed full with food, and think "there's nothing to eat!" Now, I have an imagination. :)
Without further ado, the last meal plan for this month (I threw next Wednesday in there as well because it's the last day of August)-

Wednesday: Leftover pizza for lunch. Steak and Shrimp with green beans and a salad for dinner.
Thursday: Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Burritos with homemade tortillas, leftover steak, rice and beans for dinner.
Friday: Cereal for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Turkey sloppy joes with homemade buns and a side of chips for dinner.
Saturday: Church picnic for lunch! I'm bringing a side dish, which will probably be based on what I get in the Bountiful Basket. We might be too full for a real dinner later, so maybe just some leftovers or sandwiches.
Sunday: Homemade corn chowder in homemade bread bowls for dinner with salad. Brownies for dessert.
Monday: Mac n' cheese for Katie and I for lunch. Chili and cornbread for dinner with a fruit or veggie from the Bountiful Basket.
Tuesday: The other Digiorno for dinner with a side of BBQ chips. Cake for dessert!
Wednesday: Grillin' outside! Hot dogs with homemade buns for dinner with a side of fruit (whatever comes in the Bountiful Basket) and some strawberry jello. (Also, my mom will be in town Wed night!)

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Sunshine said...

I totally love when my fridge gets almost empty (like it is now) I am totally OCD about my fridge and pantries though. I go through them once a week to clean them and see what I have in there. Once my fridge is cleaned out I have room to put more groceries and left overs in there for the next week. I am having WAY to much fun being a home maker these days.
I am going to try to mak my own bread this week. I have the Sunset bead cookbook and I REALLY want to try and make BAGELS!!! Bagel sandwhiches for lunch are SO good and cheap and easy. Bagel, Cream cheese, slice of tomato, slices of red onion, lunch meat. Jonathan thought it was the most amazing sandwhich ever and I was just trying to make lunch out of nothing. Today I made quesidillas to use stuff up when he came home for lunch.
Now if I could just finally use up the garbanzo beans I bought when I had a food processor. I wonder if I can make hummus in the blender? Then I can use up some of those tortillas to make hummus wraps.

Keep up the posts it keeps me inspired.