Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Katie Post!!!

Get ready for a slew of pictures in this post!
I just wanted to post some updates about our sweet little one.
Katie turned 14 months on the 11th of this month.
She loves to cuddle with her daddy when she is feeling sleepy.
 She also loves to point at things!
 Sometimes, when she is getting ready for a nap, she will lay on the floor, just like this, and watch TV. This is when I know she's getting tired.
 Sometimes, she likes to hide from me. She was being quiet, which is generally synonymous with mischievous, and I couldn't find her! I looked all over the house! Finally, I find her sitting in our little storage ottoman in the corner of the living room, just chillin'.
 She loves to smile. Always.
 She also thoroughly enjoys climbing on the couch.
 She doesn't like having to sit in the car so much, but she's usually a pretty good girl about it.
 She loves these puzzle toy things! This is at the Salt Lake City Public Library.
 Katie enjoys being silly. And her pacifier.
 Sometimes, she just loves to be glamorous.
 See? Smiles!
 She loves to show me her beautiful eyes, and then proceed to beg me for something, such as a drink from my water bottle, a snack, or some book reading time.
Speaking of books. . . Guess what? She loves them! Like mother, like daughter (I currently have NINE unread books in my nightstand drawer that I am slowly working my way through, but everytime I finish a book, i've already bought 2 new ones! Haha!)

Undocumented things-

Katie likes bananas! Did I mention that already? She did not like them for the longest time! But now she is in love.
Katie is a great dancer.
And a great swimmer.
She loves all things water. Swimming, baths, and drinking water. Oh boy, how she loves to drink water out of a water bottle.
She will laugh hysterically for minutes on end while watching the kitties play.
She does NOT like broccoli. Shame.
She likes to help with laundry, help feed the kitties, throw away her own disposable diapers, sweep the floor, wipe her own face and the table, put her toys away, and then immediately mess up all of the things I just listed.
She's great at giving kisses, but only when she wants to. She will NOT kiss on demand.
Katie can say the following words, but not consistently:
Where'd it go?

When did my baby get so big?!

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Tara Cottle Martin said...

That's so crazy! She's growing so fast! I can't even believe it.