Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pantry Challenge: Week 3

Day 1. Wednesday:
We actually spent the evening in Salt Lake at an author signing at the library, so we grabbed some fast food on the way home. We've had a $10 Dairy Queen gift card for months now and finally decided to use it on a cheeseburger, a chicken sandwich, a rootbeer, fries, and a milkshake. We also had a free piece of pie at the library. :)

Day 2. Thursday:
Here is where I FINALLY made that box of chicken lo mein! I also steamed some peas and boiled some corn on the cob. I also stirred up some lemonade from 3 little individual "water bottles packets" of powdered lemonade and made a pitcher full. Lol! Afterwards, Katie and I headed off to a RS activity where we enjoyed some pasta salads and cookies and cupcakes.

Day 3. Friday:
Since Brad and I were in a rush to clean the house and get ready to go to our ward temple night, dinner got put on the back burner. I hadn't gotten to making french bread like I was planning, so we actually ended up eating BLT sandwiches with a side of BBQ chips, while Katie had PB & J with some chips. Of course, on the way home I wanted ice cream (as always happens when we go out anywhere) so we stopped at In-N-Out for shakes, and I ended up getting a burger too. I guess I was just really hungry! Thanks again to Maria and her bf Mike for watching Katie for us!

Day 4: Saturday
I slept in, so i'm not sure what Katie and Brad had for breakfast, but I had cereal around 11:30. Around 3ish, we went down to Highland for our free buffets at Pizza Pie Cafe. It was so filling, we really haven't eaten anything else since we got home. I did give Katie some strawberry yogurt around 7, though. I'm feeling pretty awake right now, so maybe i'll go make a cake? I think, yes!

Day 5. Sunday:
Toast with freezer jam for breakfast. Katie and I had a little bit of pasta and garlic bread for lunch, and then dinner at Jenna's. Easy day. :)

Day 6. Monday:
I was going to do burritos again with homemade tortillas and a can of Chile Colorado, but I forgot that I donated that can to the food bank last week. Haha! So instead, I did fettuccine alfredo with just some oven-roasted broccoli. I also got another bountiful basket to pick up this Saturday. Thus, blowing my $100 budget for the month. Oh well. It was a steep goal! I've now changed the goal to $150, so after Bountiful Basket (I also got an add-on Mexican pack) i'll have about $20 for the next week.

Day 7. Tuesday:
I went to the store today! Poo! We really needed some milk, and of course I picked up a few clearance finds. I got 4 steaks for $3.99 on Manager's Special and two Digiorno Pizzas for $5.64 each, and then I am mailing off an $8 rebate when you buy 2 pizzas, thus making the pizzas only $1.64 each!!! What I'm getting at here, is that we had pizza for dinner. Haha! Unfortunately, after today's shopping trip, I have met my $150 limit and am comitted to not spending any more money on groceries for the month. And that is FINAL!

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