Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can you hear the people sing?

Brad and I always tend to change our plans.
Such is the case with Flagg Ranch Resort in Moran, Wyoming.
For quite a while now, i've been having a lot of doubts about going.
Would we like it?
How would it conflict with the start of next semester?
Is church really an entire hour away?
No Air Conditioning? Really?
Could Brad and I really enjoy life living in an employee dorm?!
Anyway, a few weeks ago I mentioned my doubts to Brad and since then, we've been trying to make up our minds about whether we should go or not.
We began to think of places we could go otherwise, California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, stay in Rexburg, etc.
Well, finally last night I had Brad and myself sit down and write out our pro's and con's for moving to Flagg Ranch and moving to New Mexico and living with Brad's dad.
We compared our lists and discovered that the con's were vasty overwhelming the pro's for Flagg Ranch and the the pro's were vasty outweighing the con's for New Mexico.
After emailing his dad and finding out just what the living situation would be, we made the decision.
New Mexico!
We've been applying to some jobs down there online for the past week or so as a precaution, so hopefully we hear back from something soon.
We'll still be leaving on the same day since the new couple will be moving in right after we leave.
Hopefully everything works out, but i'm not too worried.
This actually feels right in comparison to Yellowstone.

In other news, I finally decided to try some super easy homemade caramel that I keep coming across on all the cutesy blogs I read.
Basically you take a can of sweetened condensed milk, boil some water, stick the can in the water, and let it simmer for 2-3 hours in enough water to cover the can by at least an inch.
Then turn the heat off and let the can sit in there for a good 40 minutes.
Take it out, open it up, and enjoy the caramelly goodness!
Brad and I sliced up some apples and dipped them in the caramel as a late night snack.
(Make sure you check on it every half hour or so. The water will be steaming off, so you may have to add more water as time goes on.)

By the way, i've got this SUPER yummy banana bread recipe i'll have to post on here later.
I think it's super yummy anyways.

Ok, and in case you weren't watching the CES Fireside on Sunday night, Brad was on TV!
He was in the choir, so if you want to look it up in the LDS archives, that'd be cool!
Speaking of the fireside, which was given by Elder Bednar....
He was in our sacrament meeting on Sunday!
Elder Bednar I mean.
He was sitting up on the stand and spoke to us about marriage (of course. Lol.).
Then everyone went up and shook his hand afterwards.
Two apostles down, 10 to go. (I've already shaken Elder Hale's hand.)

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Laura Long said...

you have to be careful about the condensed milk- the can will explode if left in the boiling water too long.