Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Hate Packing

Brad and I officially started packing today.
Maybe it's just because I never EVER moved for 18 years, but I HATE packing and unpacking.
I think I mostly hate it, because it reminds me that i'll soon be moving, which I seem to loathe even more.
I'm definitely a "stay in one place for my entire life" kind of girl.
It just bugs me to decorate my home and clean it and live in it and everything, and then just up and leave.
Anyway, we packed up some baking dishes and some random things we had on some shelves and took them over to our storage unit today, along with our DVD bookcase and DVDs.
We plan on taking at least one box down there a day so we won't have massive packing to do right before we leave.
On that same kind of good time planning note, we've been working on our thank you cards! (This is for my parents who are always on my case about getting them done.)
Martha Stuart says we have a year to send out thank you cards, so I don't see what the big rush is, but whatever.
On Sunday we decided to each fill out three a day, so we should have them all written up in no time, hopefully.
Then we'll need to buy all those stamps.
We're so poor.

In other news, I have officially taken action in losing weight.
I've been complaining about it for months now.
All I want to do is get back down to my "color guard weight" and that's about 15 pounds away.
It should be alright though.
Because of my month long candy fast last month, I haven't been snacking on sweets too much anymore, and because Netflix is absolutely amazing, I can watch tons of different work out videos online!
So for now I'm just doing one half hour video a day, since that's all I can handle for now, but i'm hoping to get up to a cumulative of 2 hours a day.
Luckily, I lose weight pretty easily.
I just never seem to have enough motivation to actually do it!
Today is only day two (day three if you count helping our friends move on Saturday) and i'm already feeling pretty sore when I have to walk up the two flights of stairs to get to our 3rd story apartment.
Within a month I should be down at least 5 or 6 pounds, so by the end of the summer, hopefully i'll be happy with my weight.

For all you mommies out there, Fabulous Fun Finds is having a week long Baby Shower Blast!
Basically, there are tons of giveaways every day, so be sure to check back there often in the next few days and send in your entries!
There is some seriously cute stuff.
I wish I had a baby!
I entered this giveaway anyways, since it would be a nice gift for someone else!
Of course, any of these would be nice gifts, but what's more useful than a 3 month supply of diapers?!

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