Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mexico Nuevo

Brad and I arrived here in New Mexico on Monday evening.
Right after we got here, a really sweet thunder storm started.
It was so nice!
We did a tiny bit of unpacking, and just kind of relaxed, drove around with Brad's dad Gary, his wife Rachel, and her two daughter, then got some Wendy's with everyone.
Unfortunately, later, when we were getting in bed, my throat started to get scratchy.
I figured it would be alright in the morning, but when I woke up, I could barley talk or swallow without some serious pain!
We think it was probably the air conditioning that did it, since I haven't slept anywhere with air conditioning in... a long time.
It escalated throughout the day, and then on Tuesday night, I laid in bed for about 2 1/2 hours unable to fall asleep, until I broke down crying.
Every muscle in my body ached, I dreaded having to swallow anything, and I was freezing cold in a 75 degree bedroom.
Brad came in and gave me a blessing and I fell asleep soon after.
Luckily, my fever was gone when I woke up, and my throat was starting to heal.
My muscles still hurt a whole bunch, but today everything seems to be doing better.
Hopefully my throat will be ok enough to eat hamburgers tonight!

Besides apparently having the flu, it's been nice here so far.
The weather is perfect and there's a pool close by!

Brad and I are both still looking for jobs, but Rachel has been trying to think of little odd jobs we could do that they could pay us for, like babysitting and yard work, so at least there's something.

I'll probably take pictures of the area later this week, so be on the lookout!

Just a quick tip:
ALWAYS check for free samples.
They put one or two new ones up everyday, and they're usually really good and useful things!
Today they've got a free sample of Zrytec, tampons, natural sweeteners, pull-ups, sunscreen, Prilosec OTC, Aveeno hair care products, Garnier wrinkle cream, bodycology products..... And more! :)
I spend a lot of time searching for free samples during the week, and I make sure to always check Walmart first, because the samples come in just a couple weeks, and they're always good quality.

Other freebie websites I like:
Swag Grabber
My Savings
Free Grabber (a lot of the samples on this site tend to be the ones on Walmart)

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