Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goin' to the temple and we're...

Brad and I had a pretty good day.
After not falling asleep until after 4 (we just weren't tired!), we didn't get out of bed until 3!
The wind has been SUPER crazy, so I woke up a lot while we were sleeping, which was probably a factor in why we slept so long.
Later in the day, we headed down to the Distribution Center to buy temple bags!
Brad's been using a ratty old backpack, and I finally got my own temple clothes, so we went and bought some matching bags.
Shortly after, we went to the temple to do some sealings.
Apparently our ward was supposed to be there at 5, but everyone was told 6, so we ended up split up into different wards.
Unfortunately, Brad and I weren't able to do too many sealings because the "blacking out, getting dizzy, ears ringing, going pale" thing started to happen again.
Anyway, overall, it was a nice, slow day.
Not that most days aren't nice and slow for us! Haha.

Here's a tip for all those out there that menstruate.
This website is geared more towards young teens, but I LOVE going here for free tampon/pad samples.
I think there's nothing better than free feminine hygiene products.
Anyway, if you follow this link and order the sample, not only to you get tampons and pads, but there was a sweet little surprise I discovered when mine came.
A coupon for an entirely free box of Always Infinity Pads.
And ok, this sounds so commercial like, but that's a 6 dollar value!
Also, i'm not a big pad girl, but if I were to wear them more than tampons, I would definitely buy this kind.
I tested the absorbency with some water, and holy cow!
Anyway, I apologize to any of my male readers. Lol.
And here's the link finally!

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