Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Future Hostess

So, I spent a vast majority of the day perusing this blog
There were 191 pages of blogs, and looked at every single one of them.
There are SO many things that I bookmarked, you would not believe.
There is some seriously super cute stuff that this woman posts, so I just want to share some of my more favorite finds:

The author of the blog made these herself. So perfect for a Halloween or Twilight themed party!

This is SO expensive, but how sweet would it be to take a trip to the beach and bust this out of your trunk?! Make some smores, warm up... I just think this is so freaking cool!

These "crinkle cups" are so unique and fun! They're made out of porcelain, so don't be fooled!

I've been in the market for a bag EXACTLY like this one for a very, VERY long time. Unfortunately, I need to find one just like this for less than $65. Ouch.

These are so cute is almost hurts me! Haha. Cute little spring colored tumblers with insects on em. I just want to pour some lemonade in them!

The last item I wanted to post in here wouldn't let me insert a picture for some reason, so here's just a link. Some people are so crafty! I wish I was!


The Long and Short of it said...

I ended up ordering the daisy lid mason jars for an upcoming baby shower- they were so cheap, and sooooo cute!

Kimi Jean said...

I wanted to so bad, but I have no use for them! Lol.