Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bipolar Moving Disorder

I just moved down to San Diego two Friday's ago.
I was there for one week.
Then had to come home to sell some textbooks and make some money.
I planned on leaving the next day, but got stuck into staying here for a week.
So i'm here till Friday.
I was planning on going back to San Diego friday night and staying there for quite a while.
Now, let me just say that everyday for the past couple months, i've been looking for some place to live up in Rexburg.
And of course, now is when I finally find something.
I would move in next Wednesday if I do move up there.
So, once again, i'm at a crossroads.
My parents still want me to stay in Desert Hot Springs, and I even had a job offer, sort of, to work with the city.
All my stuff and my best friend is down in San Diego, and I even had my church records transferred down there and told everyone in the ward that I had just moved in.
I've got an affordable place to live in Rexburg, a majority of my possesions are up there, my brother wants me up there, and well, lets face it, the main reason is because Brad is up there.
I wish I could just make a decision and stick to it.
I'm so indecisive!
I was talking to one of my older sisters on the phone the other day and she told me that she had recently been diagnosed with ADD.
She was telling me the symptoms, and i'm almost positive I have ADD as well.
And this isn't just my hypochondriac side coming out, because i'm ALWAYS saying I have some disease or something, but this time it's really for real.
Anyways, that was a bit of a tangent.
I'm gonna talk to my dad about it when he gets home tonight and hopefully make an actual decision.
If it's a, "move to Idaho" decision, i'll be calling the landlord tomorrow and setting things up, then emailing back the girl who will be my roomie and getting everything sorted out there.
Then probably just drive straight up on maybe Tuesday.
Stay the night with Ana in her apartment.
Then move in on Wednesday.
Job hunting on Thursday, Friday, everyday until I find a job.
Then be happy and content with my life.
Sound like a good plan?

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Brad said...

Lol. If only things worked out the way you plan them! We can hope!