Friday, September 26, 2008

Pity a woman alone with limited wind.

Well today was quite an adventure!
Without going into too much detail, since i know Brad will read this and i'm trying to be sneaky, lets just say that I did some "shopping" with my mom and found something that is completely amazing and i'm excited to buy it once I actually have some money.
Other than that, not much really happened.
Had an eye appt, only to confirm my blindness, up my prescription, get new contacts, and get my glasses straightened!
Drove out to Vista for the "shopping" and was there for about an hour.
Drove down to San Diego to pick up all my stuff from Jeni's place.
Got some Carls Jr.
Then got some A&W.
Then came home.

I am SO SICK of moving, it's not even funny.
I hate the looks of suitcases.
I hate folded clothing.
I hate small travel shampoos.
I hate it!
I just want to settle down somewhere for a while.
At least a month or two!
Sad thing is, after bringing all my stuff back from Jeni's today (after moving it all out there two weeks ago), i've got to pack it all back in my car on Monday, drive up to Idaho, only to unload it all again.
THEN, i'll probably have to pack up all over again a few months later.
It's all too much for me.
I need stability for a little bit!

Anyways, i'm way tired.
And I need to go take a shower.
And I need to read "Eragon" before Sunday so I can give it back to David.
I haven't even started it yet.
Adios for now Muchachos!

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Brad said...

You think you are so sneaky! Well I'm not gonna tell you about that thing I didn't do today, that doesn't have very much significance in some other life!