Friday, October 24, 2008

Cause another day without you is another lifeless one

Brad and I drove two and a half hours out to Twin Falls to see them last night.
We stopped by the Twin Falls Temple for a bit.
And we got some Mickey Ds.
But then the concert started.
And it was absolutely incredibly amazing.
Sure, the concert was in this little shed off of some dirt road in this podunk town...
And sure the first band that played was just not good...
And sure the whole place smelled like yucky fish...
But Brightwood was SO GOOD.
Like, I felt like I was listening to their CD.
And because it was such a small "venue," we were up close and personal!
I mean, Brad and I TALKED to Stephen!
And I shook his hand!
And he asked us what our names were!
And we stood in their midst!
And I got my CD autographed by all four of them!!
It was incredible.
Beyond incredible.
And they even played "Sit Still."
Which, well, you know, is my favorite song of all time.
I would have liked to stick around afterwards and chat with them, but it was pretty late, and both Brad and I had to wake up early, so we left.
We drove home listening to Brightwood, my head still spinning from them and all their amazingness.

P.S. We had to turn onto KIMBERLY road to get to the street the concert was on!
Sweet, right?!

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