Monday, October 27, 2008

Too much exposition

Ok Jenna.
And everyone else.
My Facebook status' can be a little ominous sometimes, I know.
And I can also be over-dramatic.
Or just impatient I suppose, in this case.
In brief, to at least satisfy some people's craving for info, I got some bad news yesterday.
Kind of.
It's bad in a sense that something could turn out very badly.
Or everything could be ok.
And since it involves something extremely important to me, I just can't feel very optimistic about the whole situation.
But you know, i've got to just wait it out.
See what happens.
All that jazz.
In the meantime, i'm fasting until I get a phone call back with hopefully good news.

On a lighter note, work is going well.
I'm meeting more people, and I think my "stalker" really is just trying to be friendly I guess.
I think he for sure has some kind of mental disability since he was playing peek-a-boo with me with his hat today, so i'll just try and be nice and be friends.
Even if the staring and smiling does kind of creep me out.
My legs are starting to hurt super bad towards the ends of my shifts and i'm hoping that goes away soon.
I've just been so lazy for the past few months, my muscles have totally atrophied.
I hope I get my own register soon though.
I just feel like it must be so boring for the people i'm training with!
I learn really fast, i've already memorized most of the main codes.
I know how to do almost everything.
I hardly ever have questions or concerns.
I just to the whole thing while my "trainer" just stands behind me and loads stuff into carts.
But oh well.
I'm sure all the extra help will pay off.
I don't want to like, freeze as soon as I do actually have a register of my own.

If any of you have a Sams Club membership and love Harry Potter!
They're selling a special anniversary edition of the first book, and even though it's just the first book, it's SO nice!
I couldn't help myself and bought one.
It's a good size, hard back, with a new picture on the cover.
The pages are like super nice.
I'm not sure what they're made out of.
It's like a nice paper/plastic combo.
Anyways, there's a color picture inside and J.K. Rowlings original drawing of Snape, and maybe i'm just a Harry Potter fanatic, but I love it!

Anyway, i'll stop trying to sell stuff to y'all.

I'm not sure if i'll see Brad anytime before Wednesday, which pretty much REALLY sucks.
I haven't seen him since last night, and it already feels like so long!

Well, what else can I say?
So i'm hoping that paychecks go out this week and not next week, no matter how small mine might be.
Especially since I haven't paid tithing all year!
And, well, I obviously need to do that soon if the whole Temple Marriage thing is gonna work out.
Besides about 200 in tithing, i've got two speeding tickets (Yes. I said TWO. Am I not the most unlucky driver ever?!?!), a car insurance payment in a little over a week, 200 for rent, and gas money since i'm almost empty!
I don't even know what i'm going to do.

Brad, maybe we SHOULD invest in that vending machine!

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