Saturday, October 11, 2008


Jenna tagged me.

8 TV shows I love to watch

1. Boy Meets World. I've seen every episode of this show more times than I can count and I still love it with all of my heart!!
2. The Office. I'm a little ashamed of this one for two reasons. First, it's actually really dumb. And second, EVERYONE likes it. And I tend to hate conformoty. Lol. But, I love Jim and Pam. They are the reason I watch this show!
3. Smallville. Not only is the show just amazing, but Tom Welling.... oh baby.
4. Law and Order:SVU. You wouldn't think that I would enjoy watching a show about detectives looking for rapists and sexual abusers, but it's just so intense and good!
5. House. I think I mostly like this show because i'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so I get to see all these symptoms for really weird and out there diseases. And then I convince myself that I have these diseases. Lol.
6. Monk. Though I don't watch TV like, ever, I do like to watch this show when I get a chance. Monk is just freaking amazing!
7. Psyche. Absolutely hilarious. Enough said.
8. I don't watch enough TV to choose an eighth one!

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. I sat around.
2. Cleaned my room.
3. Ate a Lean Cuisine.
4. Almost froze to death.
5. Registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond with Brad.
6. Had some Pita Pit.
7. Tried to watch a movie.
8. Made out. Lol.

8 Favorite places to eat

1. Mimi's Cafe. They have the most amazing Bran Muffin my taste buds have ever encountered.
2. McDonalds. And i'm not ashamed. The Big and Tasty is my favorite hamburger, their fries are totally yummy, and McFlurries are way good.
3. Red Robin. They have this Teryaki Chicken Sandwich thing that is to DIE for. You can't go wrong with chicken, teryaki sauce, and grilled pineapple.
4. Olive Garden. Salad and breadsticks.
5. Home Town Buffet. Because seriously, you are ALWAYS bound to find something you like.
6. Golden Corral. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY rolls!!! Seriously!
7. Carl's Jr. Not only are their burgers and sandwiches totally worth the 5 bucks you have to pay for them, but I got fat off of their chocolate shakes, with how delicious they are.
8. Del Taco. While it's not REAL real Mexican food, I have to say it's better. Everything is so good, and really cheap too, so you can eat a butt load and spend less than 5 bucks!

8 Things I am looking forward to

1. November 26th. Wedding day. :D
2. Thanksgiving in Vegas with all my close friends and family.
3. Finally living somewhere for more than a couple months AND having it be a place that I can really call my own!
4. Having children? Lol.
5. The Brightwood concert next week in Twin Falls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Next summer! No more snow!
7. Living with Brad forever!
8. Winning the lottery and buying a seat on the Virgin Galactic space flights.

8 Things on my wishlist

1. Lots of money
2. A new car. Mine is pretty much crap.
4. A way to control the weather.
5. Romney in the White House.
6. For my little sister to seriously stop stealing my clothes. I know that sounds so lame, but she takes the things I need! Like my leggings, that I would REALLY like to be able to wear under my clothes since it's so freaking cold up here. Or my favorite scarf. I mean really, the coldest it gets down there in DHS is like, 50 degrees!
7. Gorgeous children. Though I don't really have to worry about that. :)
8. Winter clothes. I wasn't exactly planning on living in Idaho during the WINTER.

8 people I tag

1. Michael
2. Laura
3. Sara
4. Kevin
5. Ernesto
6. Anna
7. Jeni
8. Nicole

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Anderson Family said...

YAY! That was fun to read...I love Boy Meets World, too. SO MUCH! and HOUSE! I watch too much TV is my I could have listed about 25 shows. ha ha
And could you stop making reference to all the "making out"?? It's making me sick. LOL. Oh to be newly in love. Actually it's just weird to see my brother in this way. I am not used to it. It will be cool once you are married though!!!! YAY for November 26th! Love ya!