Thursday, October 9, 2008

Put your hand there, tilt your head, turn around, look up...

Have I ever told you how I don't like taking "professional pictures"?
You know, the kind you actually pose for and try and look good?
Ever since I was in elementary school, I think starting with my 5th grade school picture, I have looked like crap in every formal picture i've tried to take.
This includes every school photo AND my senior picture.
Pictures for dances, including senior prom.
Those cheesy pictures you take at the mall with your friends.
Pictures to be put in the programs for the three plays I was in.
Pictures for freaking girls camp!
And those aren't even formal-type settings.
Those are just pictures where you have to stand/sit there and smile.
And smile.
And you hold your stinking smile for like, half a minute or more before the camera finally clicks.
And then you release.
And you feel like an idiot for smiling at some little machine for a minute.
And me, well, I discovered something a little while back.
If I can make myself laugh, my smile looks more natural and these pictures can actually look ok.
Problem is, when you're taking an engagement picture, and you're standing in an awkward position in a tree for a few minutes, and you're trying to have a real smile....
You don't want to be up there laughing for no reason while everyone looks at you like you're either insane or there's some squirrel in the tree tickling you.
Which brings me to the whole reason for this blog post.
Engagement pictures.
Brad and I had some taken yesterday.
And while it was totally sweet of the girl to take them for us, I just don't enjoy these kinds of things where you stand in one position forever while someone with a camera is getting closer and farther away from your face and you have to keep holding your smile and your leg starts to shake because it's cold outside and you can't move because the picture hasn;'t been taken yet and you're trying to not let your fiance know how much all of this bugs you because you know he wants these nice pictures taken and took it upon himself to even set up the little photo shoot and....
Long run-on sentence.
Anyways, I had come full of crazy random ideas of things to and chickened out on bringing them up.
I just feel like they would have worked better in a more casual setting, I guess.
What I really want is to just run around the park and do stupid, dumb stuff and just play while someone just snaps photos of us really quickly, like we were all just friends hanging out at the park, and one friend pops out their camera and starts snapping pictures and it's all fun and funny and easy and...
I'm starting to sound dumb.

I'll just stay positive.
I'm sure some of the pictures will look good.
And everything will work out and be fine.
I don't know why i'm even worried about this stuff.
Maybe it's because I want someone to open up our wedding announcement and smile and possibly laugh a little at our silly pictures, then open up our wedding announcement and be all "Oh. This picture looks pretty forced. Hmm."
I'll shut up now.


Mike Brown said...


people are going to say, "OH!! look it's kim and brad! How sweet."

then they'll smile and hang it on their fridge.

No one is going to think the poses are forced or anything.

shut up or i'll kill you.

Anderson Family said...

Aw! You could have just requested to do some of your ideas after the person got some pics they wanted to take. Or you could have told Brad...he would have willingly obliged...he DOES love you and its so sickeningly sweet that I know he would do anything for you!
Still, I am sure you look great in what you do have and I can't wait to see them!!!!!!!! Love ya.