Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Alive

I haven't blogged in a few days.
I know.
I guess not much has really happened.

I finished designing the wedding announcements and getting MY list of addresses, so hopefully those can be in the mail soon.

I finally got around to charging up my palm pilot, so i've been playing Village Sim like crazy.

Jenna and Travis were in town this weekend.
It was nice to go out to Craigos with them, though poor Riley broke her collarbone.

I spend pretty much every available moment with Brad, obviously.
39 days, man!

I tried to go to church today, so I showed up at the building at the right time and not only did I not see any singles, but the family ward that was also meeting had no idea where the singles branch met.
So I ended up sitting on a couch and reading the Joesph Smith book for a good hour and a half before finally just going home.

It hasn't been TOO cold this week, which is nice.
If it stays like this for a while, i'll be ok.

I can move into Brad and I's apartment in exactly one month!

Sams Club hasn't called me back and i'm starting to get a little worried.
I'll call tomorrow and see what's up.

I saw Barcelona on Friday and they were AMAZING.

Brightwood this Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you sense my immense excitement?!

There is NOTHING to cook in this house, and nothing to even cook with!
There is one saucepan.
One spatula.
About 12 mixing bowls.
And a George Foreman.
The kitchen depresses me and I can't wait till I have one of my own!
(That I would share with Brad of course. Lol.)

I made this pasta for lunch that wasn't half bad, considering what I had to work with.
I cook up some angel hair pasta in just some boiling water and salt.
Then poured in some olive oil, some lemon juice, and this rosemary/garlic mixture that Karen had in the cupboard.
Good enough to eat, not good enough to feed to anyone but yourself.

My car needs new windshield wipers.

Anyway, i'll stop boring you with my mindless babble.
I'll try and think of more interesting things to blog about, yeah?
Till then!

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