Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, I got into Rexburg yesterday around 7ish.
Hung out with Brad in the Hinckley as he was doing church-related things.
Then went and saw Eagle Eye, which was actually pretty good!
Though I was expecting it to be.
Then came over to Ana's, stayed up till after 3 talking, then finally fell asleep.
The big plans for today:
Lunch with my brother.
Take Ana to get a new battery for her scooter.
Go by my storage unit and get out some things i'm gonna wanna take with me to my new place.
Then head down to Idaho Falls and move into my room.
I'm pretty excited.

Oh, p.s. ALWAYS watch your speed.
Even when you don't think cops are around.
Because they might just be lurking there, undercover in a cute little muscle car with racing stripes.
And they might just pull you ever for going 101 in a 75 zone because you were too busy listening to Harry Potter to notice the speedometer.
And they might just give you a $232 speeding ticket.
And you might just have to tell everyone who reads your blog not to spill the beans to anyone, because a speeding ticket is the last thing you'll want your parents to hear about as they're helping you pay for and plan your wedding.


Anderson Family said...

Kim! I am so relieved you made it to Rexburg! I worried about you all day yesterday! Also, I'm sorry about the ticket! That sucks!! Do you have cruise control?? Anyway...hope the new place is nice and I am super excited to see you guys Friday!! YAY!!!!!

Kimi Jean said...

Well, I have cruise control, but it doesn't work. Otherwise i'm sure speeding wouldn't have been a problem. My foot just gets tired and starts to fall on the gas pedal!!
Anyways, i'm excited to see you guys on Friday too!! Let's play board games and watch a movie! Lol.

Anonymous said...

so I guess I should be looking for a ticket in my mail?

Kimi Jean said...

I love you Laura!