Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wanna be in my club?

So, technically, today was my first day of work as an associate at Sams Club.
I'm a cashier, though still in the whole "orientation/training" process.
6/12 hours a day for three days of endless paperwork and trivial quiz-type computer things.
But hey, at least i'm getting paid training!
Anyways, hopefully I will start ASAP.
I spent my last two dollars today.
On a very delicious chocolate milkshake in the Sam's Club cafe, by the way.
I would recommend them.
Anyways, I had 22 dollars this morning, spent 20 on gas (which I paid 2.99 for but of course was down to 2.97 by the time I was driving home) and then the two bucks as my pseudo-lunch since I hadn't eaten anything at all.
Anyways, I get free membership to Sams Club, which I included Brad on, and I get 10% of all produce, which is good because I need to eat more fruits and veggies anyways.
All in all, I think I will like this job.
Most of the people are pretty nice, the food in the cafe is yummy, and I love shopping at Sams/Costco type places, so a free membership will be nice.
I can also get life insurance and health insurance and all that jazz if I stay for a year, but I don't know if I will.
Once I move to Rexburg, that's be a 30 minute commute.
No fun.
Though I could always just transfer to Walmart in Rexburg.
it's a bit of a pay decrease, but you can't get much lower from 8.20 anyways.

Other than that, life is wonderful of course.
The wedding announcements are officially printed out, my mom should be getting them on Friday, and everyone should start getting them in the mail next week!

Brad is here doing his homework.
He probably should have stayed at his apartment to do it.
He always gets so distracted over here.
I guess we just can't stand being apart for very long!
Anyways, I think i'm going to watch some more Boy Meets World episodes while Brad works.

P.S. I'm seriously craving ice cream, but we have none.
And we have nothing to make shakes or smoothies or anything.
And I have no money.

I've had the weirdest and STRONGEST cravings lately!
It's kind of annoying.
I dunno.
Anyways, I am going now.


K. said...

I want a free membership please.

I bought your wedding present the other day. I hope Brad likes the can o'cranberry as much as you....

Mike Brown said...

"very delicious."

haha it always make me crack up when you say that.

oh and gas is $2.25 in TX. HAHA