Friday, October 3, 2008

Time Square can't shine as bright as you.

I was going to blog yesterday, but I was so busy job hunting/driving to Rexburg/hanging out with Brad/watching Smallville that I completely forgot.
Not that there is much to write anyways.
I'm engaged.
I'm the happiest i've ever been.

Yesterday, after I got back from Rexburg, I was sitting in my room at my desk, looking out at the park that is outside my window, listening to Brightwood, drinking cold light lemonade, and spinning the ring on my finger and I think that the euphoria I experienced at that precise moment was indescribable.

I'm heading into Utah for the weekend.
Going to a mission reunion with Brad.
Who knows, maybe i'll see some missionaries I recognize!
Then we're watching conference at Jenna's house in Orem.
Should be a pretty fun weekend.

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