Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hair dye, Doritos, and Mel Gibson.

One of the first big things that made me realize that I was in love with Brad was the fact that I never get tired of him.
I could hang out with him every second, of every day, and do absolutely nothing the whole time and never get bored.

Today was tons of fun.
Brad drove down to IF and we chilled for a little bit before heading over to Walmart.
There, we bought hair dye for me AND hair dye for him, a couple new flavors of Doritos, a five dollar movie, and cheddar cheese rice cakes..
Pretty much 4 of my favorite things ever.
Though the rice cakes were for Brad, since I got him addicted. :)

Anyways, then we came back and messed around online for a bit.
Ate some of the Doritos, (we ate the 4 Cheese ones, which weren't half bad).
Then we put in "What Women Want," which is the move I had just bought.
We cuddled and watched the movie and Brad would kiss me whenever people were making out in the movie, which was pretty funny.
Then the next half hour or so is TMI for my blog.
Then we dyed our hair!
Mine's a little darker than I wanted it to be, just a medium brown, but Brad's looks so good!
It's a dark brown and I think it makes him look younger.
Then Brad was working on some school stuff until around 10, when he had to leave and go back to Rexburg to work on a group project.
It's always sad to see him leave, but i'll see him again tomorrow, and after November 26th, i'll see him every day and night forever!
And i'll never get bored of him!

In other news, my mom called me with some way exciting news.
We had a random conversation one time about cake toppers, and I had mentioned how cool it would be to have a Barbie and Ken on top of my wedding cake!
And alas, she found the perfect one and it came in the mail today!
I'm so stinking excited, you have no idea!!!
The best part is, it's actually a Christmas tree ornament, so we can keep it afterwards and put it on our tree every year as a little reminder of our wedding.


Brad said...

I never get bored of you either, hun! I love you! <3

Mike Brown said...

brad isn't addicted to rice cakes. trust me.

Kimi Jean said...

Oh, Michael, Michael, Michael.
You have no idea.